TOOLS. The basics of hand tools. Sounds simple, but learn to use the right tool for the job, every time.

TOOLS 101 - Wrenches

Ring, Open ended, adjustable. You know.

TOOLS 104 - Hammers & Mallets

Not all hammers are built equal!

TOOLS 102 - Screwdrivers

Screw this! Philips and flat heads. Whats the Difference?

TOOLS 105 - Measuring Tools

The basics around measuring tools, including tapes, rulers, calipers and micrometers.

TOOLS 103 - Pliers

A look at Pliers, when and where.

ELECTRICAL. The voodoo magic of electrics explained.


This video covers the basics of electrical systems - batteries and the concept of voltage.

ELECTRICAL 102 - Series Circuits

Basic series circuits and how they work

ELECTRICAL 103 - Parallel Circuits

Parallel Circuits and how they work

ELECTRICAL 104 - Resistance

Talking all things resistance. Its futile.

ELECTRICAL 107 - Crimp Connectors

How to use crimp connectors.

ELECTRICAL 105 - Wires

This episode talks about wiring (or "conductors" as the electrical people call them). 

ELECTRICAL 106 - Soldering

How to solder electrical connections.

These how to videos are created by Matt Macleod of Krank Engineering.