We have ourselves a truck (...almost)! In the last 6 odd weeks we raised around $7k towards getting ourselves a decked out shop truck. This truck is for the Kommune Crew and will be available to members whenever they need to haul their gear around town. We've had over 50 donations towards the cause, a massive effort and really shows the power of a tight community.

First up, a MASSIVE thanks the legends that have chucked in a few bucks towards the fund!

Now, what's the dealio and when do you get to drive the truck? Answer: Soon(ish).

We've managed to get an amazing hook up for a near complete project truck. A 1988 F250 that was undergoing a complete restoration and hot-up. The owner has too many other projects on the go and has offered us the truck for a too-good-to-pass-up deal.

The truck has been completely stripped and was in the process of being put back together. It's had over $10k spent on it to this point.

Here's whats done:

  • Full respray and all rust removed. Black.
  • Chassis painted
  • New shocks all round
  • Rebuilt heavy duty auto trans (was set up for towing)
  • 302 engine with 327 stroker kit, currently getting rebuilt.
  • Alloy heads
  • New Glass
  • Brand new gas system, under body tank
  • New Radiator
  • New 600 Carbs (Carb conversion)
  • New seals all round
  • New lights
  • Plus more.

What it needs:

  • Full Interior - Dash, bench seat, door cards and trim.
  • Wiring Loom
  • New rims and tyres
  • Transport from SA
  • Reassembly
  • Plus a few little bits and pieces...

The engine is currently at a workshop in SA getting built, once that's done, we'll head over grab the truck and engine and bring it back to Melbourne to start assembly. We'll need to find somewhere to stash it for a few weeks, and then we'll organise a couple of weekend truck days and smash it out. With a bit of a team each weekend we're confident we'd get it done pretty quick.

We've got a tight budget at this point, but looks like we'll get it on the road and have a super reliable, super clean, super red-neck truck for well under $10k. No bad at all!

We'll put a call out soon for help getting it here, and then putting it together.

Pics to come!

Its not too late to donate, chuck a few bucks in here for the cause!