All good things must come to an end.

Wrench, Ride, Retreat

Over the past three years, the Kustom Kommune has lead the DIY revolution and has given over 600 members a place to wrench, ride and repeat, plus countless others a place to hang, meet new people and get inspired. We’ve helped happy couples tie the knot, we’ve thrown hugely generous brands parties of epic proportions and helped people celebrate life’s big mile stones, but mainly we help people come together through common interests. The Kustom Kommune has cemented itself as a world class community of builders, restorers, and most of all, best mates. As the first of its kind in Australia, we’ve been through our ups and downs, our wins and losses, while perfecting our workshop ways. We’ve seen the support of the community more than any other enterprise I have ever been involved with. Since even before day one, everyone has backed KK as a space, community and form of support that they need alive and wrenching. Whenever we have needed something, our crew are the first to raise their hand and offer their time, services and expertise, no matter the cost. For me, the Kommune never felt like it was owned by an individual, and I have only had the privilege of being the frontman of something belonging to so many of us for our many needs: wrenching, talking, celebrating, inspiring, educating, learning, living. The Kustom Kommune is very much a space for anyone that needs it, whatever that reason might be and motorcycles are only a small piece of the greater ethos. 

Over the past 18 months, the shop has gone through significant changes and challenges. We made memberships and using the space more affordable, and we tripled our membership and community. Unfortunately, space in the venue originally promised to us for expansion was given to others, founders moved away from the workshop, and we fought a quiet battle against councils to kick off the hospitality space that is an integral part of the Kustom Kommune model. Through all of this, we dug in deep to prevail and adopted a never say die philosophy: no matter the cost and personal sacrifice, it had to move forward. After all these ups and downs in the last month, we finally received the letter we’ve been waiting for, approval to open a bar and restaurant, excitement and relief is an understatement, but it wasn’t to be. We then received an absolutely gut-wrenching nail in the coffin: a notice to vacate as the space has been re-leased to another business. After all this time fighting, waiting, fighting, waiting, we have now had the key part of the Kommune’s model snatched away. We have less than one month to vacate the hospitality area and we've given 3 months notice to vacate the workshop.

As most of you know, Kustom Kommune workshop is run absolutely as a social enterprise and we only just cover our costs of operation, most of our staff are volunteers and I have never taken a wage from the shop. Even knowing what I do today, if I could make it free for everyone I still would. With this comes situations like we are in now; we need to move but we can’t afford it. We’ve been treading water for so long with our head just above water, that we are not in a position to be able to save the Kustom Kommune. Without all of our income streams, the workshop is completely non-viable as a sole entity. We’ve always known this, but with the promise of the hospitality space and room to expand we wanted to push forward and see the plan through, knowing full well that all of you KK crew will always be there to support us when we need, and that we respect and owe the same to you too.

I want to see the Kommune live on, I want to see Kommunes in countries all around the world, but at this point I can not make it happen on my own. So I invite all of our members, friends, fans and lurkers to come on down to Kommune this Wednesday night from 7pm to hatch a plan or to help admit defeat. Since even before day one, the Kommune has always been more than the sum of it’s parts, and it belongs to every single one of us, and therefore if this is really the end, it is only fair that this is everyone’s decision, not just my own.

- Jimmy Goode.


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